Botero Design
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creative process.

Our guarantee is that your project will be done right, on time, and on budget. That’s not lip service. It’s a listening, participating, and creating service that exists between you and us. It’s the kind of refreshing experience you’ll get from our creative process.

Here’s what you can expect when you work with us:


Like you, we are process driven—both creatively and in our day-to-day business. We think in terms of concept, execution, as well as the business equation, so our process begins with our request for proposal, which allows us to learn about your initial project needs. A free, 30-minute consultation call is then scheduled, so that we can spend time understanding you and your business.

Our main goal is to come up with a plan—let's call it our creative road map—and help you get from point A to point B effortlessly, on time, and on budget. Just like you would never take a plane to the corner store, or cross the ocean with a paddle-boat; we help you choose the right marketing tools for your audience and your business.

Be prepared for us to talk about your project needs; your business; objectives and goals for this campaign; what you are trying to solve; who your audience is; your competitors; and your budget. If we feel that our services match your needs, and we're indeed a good fit for each other, we will send you an email containing our design proposal—the recap of your project specifications, objectives, timeline, costs, and our terms & conditions. A follow up call is then scheduled, which allows us to review the proposal and answer any questions you may have. Upon project approval, we require a 50% deposit along with the signed proposal, and the project begins.

If after our initial call, you feel you need more guidance determining your business needs, your unique value proposition; or you simply have questions about design or marketing; please consider signing up for our Marketing Consultation.


Once we've established the foundation, and we have a clear creative road map, we move into the strategy. During this phase, and depending on your project needs, we may bring in one or more of our trusted creative teammates (copywriters, programmers, printers, app developers, etc.) to help us make this journey the best experience and decision you ever made.

Together, we will put on our safari hats and grab our binoculars, and start discovering this new realm. We will go back to the original answers—the why, your objectives—and see if they still apply, or we might decide that they need to be slightly tweaked, or perfected so they're more in-line with your audience. All this information will start guiding and shaping our journey together.

We will start considering things such as:

• Perceptions, beliefs, visual language, trends, culture, business.
• What colors should we use and why? Not just because blue is your best friend's favorite color—sorry BFF! Unless you're part of their audience, and you make a very strong argument, your color choice won't matter here. Yes, we can still be friends though.
• We will ask ourselves, are we solving the right problem?

• We may even visit the grocery store, the local bookstore, a park, and just get out and explore!


Oh, the fun part! By now, we have already set the road map, we have chosen our preferred and the smartest method of transportation—read: brochure, website, email marketing campaign, etc.—and we are ready to embark on this journey together. Are you ready? Trust us, so are we! This is the part that truly excites us and gets us up every morning. During the design phase, we will take out all of our creative tools (notebooks, colors, pencils, markers, and let's not forget about all our lovely Apple products, and of course, Google.) Let the creative research and exploration begin!

Brainstorm, draft; more brainstorming, more drafting; doodling, erasing, more doodling; some sleeping; and finally, our conceptual development starts taking form. After this, we take these ideas to the computer—see, we told you we were old school. By choice, that is. (This was the way we were taught, and we believe it's the perfect formula for a successful campaign.) Now we start playing with color schemes, typography, layouts, etc. Like any other great structure has a blueprint; our concepts also have their own creative blueprint. This is what we like to call the "invisible creative goodness," but trust us, it's far from being invisible. This is the "magic trick" you will not see, but this is the part that once we're finished and you see the final product, will make you smile and will make your customers fall in love with your brand. It's okay, you can thank us later..


After we are done concepting, designing and creating, we send files for your review. For your convenience, two rounds of revisions are included with every project. Once the designs are approved, we get our files ready for print, or development. Depending on your project, and in the case of a website, an app, an e-blast, etc., this phase will take longer and will require more time for optimization, creation of the content management system (CMS), SEO and SEM (if applicable,) and oh, let's not forget about testing. If we are talking websites...We will check to make sure your site looks good on all browsers and mobile-devices.


Your final approval and payment secures an official launch date. Let the party begin.


We hope that by now—if not done already—you realize that great design is an investment and not a commodity, a crowdsourcing or spec work gimmick, and definitely not a stocked-item. Are there others "cheaper" than us out there? You betcha! But, we are huge believers that you get what you pay for, and as one of our long lasting clients put it "…[Natalia] understands the big picture while being detail-oriented. Her services are not inexpensive, but fairly priced, and of real value.” We couldn't agree more. Like them, all of our clients hire us for our visual and strategic design, as part of their competitive business strategy. Bottom line is...together, we can help you fill your customers' needs and make them happy, while increasing your ROI. We are a business too, so we understand your priorities.

So, if you are ready to get started, we welcome becoming your strategic marketing partners. (You can call us that, your creative ninjas, or your marketing GPS—just please don't call us vendors, that would really hurt our feelings; ugh, or freelancers—yes, there's a big difference.) In all seriousness though, we are huge believers that meaningful relationships all have one thing in common: they all start with a solid foundation.


Ready to get started? Fill out our request for proposal.

Or, maybe you’d like to learn a little more about us.

Or, see the work we have done for others, or read their testimonials.