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FEBRUARY 26, 2014

An inspiring day out of the studio


Once a month, I like to get out of my studio and immerse myself into a creative atmosphere. A few years back, I found that by only looking at my work, I was not expanding my mind or learning from the creativity of others. There are such amazing minds in this world—it would be a shame to not tap into their artistry and challenge myself to be better at what I do for my clients, and for myself. This stems deep into the fact that I believe I need to not only stay on top of current trends, software, etc., but to also keep my creativity sharp.
We are extremely fortunate that now through May, renowned artist Dale Chihuly has a stunning exhibition "Chihuly in the Garden" at the Desert Botanical Garden. The combination of the desert landscape with Chihuly’s colorful and vibrant masterpieces, creates the perfect contrast and is extremely awe inspiring.

Chihuly is credited with revolutionizing the Studio Glass movement and changing people's perception of the glass medium from craft to fine art. He is acclaimed for his aspiring architectural installations, museums and gardens all around the world.

If you are in the Phoenix area, I highly recommend you visit before they close the exhibit. If you are not and have not seen his works yet—or if you have, but just want to see them again—you have a lot of options. The Milwaukee Art Museum is one of my favorite places and one I personally love. Not only is the architecture of the new wing (designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava) out of this world, the Chihuly piece they have is outstanding, just like all of his work.

Of course, there is always Las Vegas. The Bellagio has one of his public installations—just ask where it is as you enter and they will point you in the right direction. Trust me, it is worth the walk through the casino. Or, if you want to avoid the Bellagio all together, you could always go to City Center, near the Aria. These are just a few I have seen and loved. A quick Google search and you will find that you may have an option in your backyard.

Go out, be inspired.

I hope these pieces that I photographed will inspire you as well.


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