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FEBRUARY 06, 2014

Demand for excellence

I hope your 2014 is off to a great start. Can you believe it's February already?

I recently finished a rather easy and straightforward project for a client: new logo, signage and business cards. Other than the printed and foil stamped elements of the logo on the business cards, this was a fairly simple undertaking—or so I thought.

When I received the cards in the mail, I went to inspect them only to find that my OCD (self-proclaimed and husband-confirmed) wasn't happy with the end product. The logo elements were slightly off…by maybe 1/16 of an inch or even less. Most likely, your lay person never would have noticed, but to my trained eyes this was a glaring error and one I couldn't dismiss.

I contacted my vendor and snapped some pictures with my iPhone (scroll down to see the before and after), so they could see what I was seeing. They were extremely nice and admitted that the cards didn't look good, and they went on to reprint the entire order at no extra cost to my client. I was very satisfied and will continue to use them in the future because of this.

I received the new cards in the mail the following week and, WOW, you could tell the difference right away. I was very happy to be dropping these off at my client's place and for her to stop using the few "not-so-perfect" ones I had given her in the interim.

The next morning, I received this note from her, "Naty, what a difference!!! Just looking over the cards again. Thank you, thank you for your great eye and demand for excellence."

The point?

I am telling you this story in hopes that—regardless of what we all do as professionals—in 2014, we will make it our personal goal to demand excellence in our lives, our businesses and, most importantly, for our clients and the services we provide them.

So let me ask you this:

Does your marketing reflect the high standards you have for your brand and your business? Are you conveying the right message? Do your clients walk away thinking, "Wow!"?

If you are ready for a creative professional that will demand excellence on your behalf, give me a shout.

I would love to be the “discerning eye” that makes your 2014 truly remarkable.





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